What Are My Ebay Fees?- July 2013

It’s July 2013. The new fee schedule is in effect for Ebay. Do You know What they are?

Well click the link below and study them. Note that a there are three types of fees. One is an Insertion fee which is the cost of listing an item The other is an listing update fee. This would cover things like setting a reserve price for your listing. And the other fee is Final Value.

The Final Value fee is a percentage of the total amount of your Sold item.

Click this link to see the chart of Ebay Fees.

It is a good idea to hang them up.

Basic Ebay Selling Course”Hands ON” 5 Sessions, Maplewood, NJ


There will be a Basic Ebay Selling Class divided into 5 Sessions in Maplewood, NJ starting Thursday, July 11 until August 8, 2011.

You are probably saying, “Why do you need all that time?” “What will you learn?”

Well those are great questions. So let me begin by telling you what you will learn.


With the Basics of Selling on eBay, you’ll learn how to:
•Become an eBay seller
•Do research and create listings
•Improve your listings with better descriptions and photography
•Set pricing
•Open and use a PayPal account
•Monitor your listings
•Complete transactions plus

  • Basics of packing and shipping items

  • Opportunity to go home, do homework and discuss your efforts the next class

  • Phone coaching with me when you need it during the course


What will you need?

Your Wi-Fi Ready Lap Top

A willingness to work hard and learn

What does all this cost?

CLICK THIS LINK Sign up today-class size is limited to 12 people

Have more questions?

email us  eboomersales(at)gmail.com