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My name is Rosemary Calhoun Horner. But you can call me Rosie. I am a training and presentation skills expert. I am also trained as a Community Health Educator and functioned in that capacity for over 4 decades. Yep, you are right I am a true baby boomer. But I am budding baby boomer learning a lot about online entrepreneur stuff.

I guess my training in Public Health makes me want to share messages that can empower others. So I have decided to help people learn how to create more resources that can help improve their quality of life and put into the pension. I started selling on Ebay several years ago. But I did not pump it up until 2010. While caregiving for my mom, as the only child, I realized I could not be off doing workshops a lot. I had to not only work close to home but be able to bring the good old laptop to her house.

So many evenings I enjoyed calling home and asking my hubby, “Did we sell anything yet?” Now we are PowerSellers and have a store on Ebay. I was determined to get trained as an Ebay Training Specialist so I could offer trainings to others.  Did I tell you that I was passionate about empowerment? LOL

Guess, that is enough for now but if you want to know more just let me know. You can send me an email at rosiehorner(at)gmail.com

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