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Baby Boomers Love Learning, Listening and Laughing

Eboomer sales is an online opportunity for baby boomers to learn how to sell stuff online. Hopefully it will be full of inspiration, step-by-step learning, and empowerment. Our goal is to help you add to that pension and have fun doing it.

You will get hands on training to help you sell on sites like Ebay and Etsy
So what will you get for your 9.95 monthly membership that you can cancel whenever you want?
You will get:

-30 minute personal coaching via zoom with me each month on your online sales efforts

-zoom meetings each month on topics related to online selling sometimes with guest speakers

-step-by-step tutorials

-Tons of updates

-Access to a closed  Facebook group so you can shoot me questions when you are in trouble and share with other members. Don’t worry you don’t have to be my friend to be in the group.  But you can learn a lot in this group and not feel alone.

-Blogging for fun and profit

My goal is to help you solve problems in your attempt to make money online with Ebay , Etsy, Facebook Live Auctions and the Marketplace starting  with your own stuff. I want to share with you what I know and still learning.

Don’t worry when you have learned all you want to learn or just tired you can end your membership any time. Some of you may just want to hang around to further get your Ebay going and that is great.
So sign up now and let’s hang out.

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