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How I Brought A Fake Gold Watch Online-A Few Warnings

I brought a fake watch the other night online. I kept the watch to share in workshops and tell others how not to make my mistake. Has this ever been your experience?    

Join the Ebay Seller Bootcamp Deadline is February 27, 2018

Please join myself and other sellers at the Ebay Seller Bootcamp. It will be a four weeks of power-packed information and training. Don’t worry it is not every day 24/7 should only be about 2 hours per week but there will be homework. But know that it will only  increase your ebay sales! So just […]

What Did Folks With Lots of Money Buy on Ebay in 2017?

Read this informative article showcasing a few of the top sellers on Ebay in 207. There is also a link so you can view the top purchases in 2016. Click this link to read what the wealthy purchased on Ebay in 2017.

Learn How To Sell Your Vinyl Online

Are you still looking at that box of vinyl records in your attic? Or, are you thinking about tossing those records you got from your parents? Before you make any decisions think about learning how to sell some of those vinyl records online. If you are in the Northern NJ area I am presenting a […]

Use Your Mobile Phone to Sell on Ebay

Yes you can use your mobile phone to sell your stuff on Ebay. Click on the link below and learn today! Sell your items on Ebay with your mobile phone.

Great Shipping Tips from Ebay Engineers

Here are some great shipping tips from Ebay Engineers. It is a must read. Shipping Tips from Ebay

Are You Thinking About Going to an Ecommerce Conference? Some Things to Think About From Kathy Terrill

Kathy Terrill is a Professional Actress who has weaved her skills to create a stunning role as a successful E commerce seller. She just returned from a recent Ebay conference and I asked her to share her insights on preparing for and networking during an eCommerce conference. Oh, and she is also going to be […]

FREE Basic Ebay Seller Class at Irvington Public Library

There will be another FREE Basic Ebay Seller Class at the Irvington Public Library  Thursday Evenings July 9 and 16 at 6-9 pm. So, give a call to the Irvington Public Library today! 973-372-6400 You can purchase your textbook here by clicking the link below and I will bring it to the class. The cost […]

Are You Buying More Than You Are Listing on Ebay

One of my challenges is flirting with my excitement for sourcing and taking care of the business of listing those cool finds. So I just listened to this great little segment on Ebay Radio on clutter and inventory. Some innovative and practical times. Click this link to listen now declutter

Changes in Some of Your Ebay Catergories Are Coming

Based on the 2014 Seller Update there are going to be changes in some of your Ebay categories.  Click the link below to see what the changes will be. Ebay Seller Category changes. Please note that these changes will take place April 7 so take time to revise your listings if needed.