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Ready, Set, Go and Set Up Your Etsy Account Plus Invite for 40 FREE Listings

Have you set up your Etsy account yet? Well, I am giving you a special invite that will entitle you to 40 FREE listings. PLUS here is a get started video that I liked that takes you step by step Click this link to get started selling TODAY with 40 FREE LISTINGS Click here for […]

LaShonda Brown Shares Why She Sells on Etsy PLUS Some Golden Sales Nuggets

A few days before Valentines day I was at the Post Office mailing out some packages that we had sold online. I happened to see two large shopping carts fulled to the brim with packages parked near the long line. I looked at the pleasant,relaxed woman next to the carts and asked, “Ebay”? She responded […]

Etsy Seller Update Video 10/2013

Here is a Town Hall video discussing the recent Etsy Updates. Enjoy!

Ebay Seller Gets 10,000 Feedbacks

This is an encouraging short video on an Ebay seller, working with his entire family to go beyond just paying the bills. He recently got an awesome 10,000 feedback status. Check out the video below.  

How to request a Feedback Revision on Ebay 2014

Yes, it happened-We received a negative feedback. So, one thing I have learned from all this is how to request a feedback revision after you work things out with your buyer on Ebay. So here is a short video, by Ebay on just how to make that request. The main thing to remember is to […]

Black Friday Sales and Beyond in Online Ebay Stores A Great Place to Shop

Believe it or not Ebay Stores are a great place to shop for Black Friday. Click on some of the store links below and avoid the mad rush at the stores. Many of the sales are going beyond Black Friday and include Cyber-Monday,so enjoy the excitement! This Ebay Seller is offering a  free gift with […]

Get Your Basic Selling Manual Here

Are you attending the upcoming Ebay Basic Class at the Irvington Public Library? If yes and you want to purchase the book you can do it by clicking the link below. The Cost of the Manual is only $25.oo and you can pay for it here and it will be given to you at the […]

Man Finds Out Job Ends While Baby is Delivered They Start Selling on Ebay

Enjoy this inspirational short video clip about a couple that starts selling on Ebay after job ends for husband.  They learned how to live a different lifestyle.

Did You Ever Say, “What Can I Ever Sell on Ebay?” Can It Be Bruised?

Many times I have heard someone say, “I have nothing to sell on Ebay.” Well, if those words have ever come out of your mouth check out Ebay’s Inspirational page of ideas. Also, when you do decide to sell those items it is ok if they are not new. But just be sure to let […]

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ebay Fees-See You Didn’t Even Have To Ask

Here is a link that will explain everything you want to know about Ebay Fees as of this day, September 1, 2013. See the link below. Ebay Fees