Join the Ebay Seller Bootcamp Deadline is February 27, 2018

Please join myself and other sellers at the Ebay Seller Bootcamp. It will be a four weeks of power-packed information and training. Don’t worry it is not every day 24/7 should only be about 2 hours per week but there will be homework.

But know that it will only  increase your ebay sales!

So just click the link below and let’s go learn so that we can earn more money.

Ebay Seller Bootcamp

Did You Ever Say, “What Can I Ever Sell on Ebay?” Can It Be Bruised?


Many times I have heard someone say, “I have nothing to sell on Ebay.” Well, if those words have ever come out of your mouth check out Ebay’s Inspirational page of ideas.

Also, when you do decide to sell those items it is ok if they are not new. But just be sure to let your potential buyers know where the bruises are on those items. Many times we have sold items that no longer work. But we are careful to indicate the condition in the condition box, description and with a picture.

So, let me know what you find and have fun!


What Are My Ebay Fees?- July 2013

It’s July 2013. The new fee schedule is in effect for Ebay. Do You know What they are?

Well click the link below and study them. Note that a there are three types of fees. One is an Insertion fee which is the cost of listing an item The other is an listing update fee. This would cover things like setting a reserve price for your listing. And the other fee is Final Value.

The Final Value fee is a percentage of the total amount of your Sold item.

Click this link to see the chart of Ebay Fees.

It is a good idea to hang them up.

7 Day New Seller TO DO List

  • Create an eBay User ID  Register on eBay

  • Set up an eBay seller account put a credit card on file

  • Set up a bank account for your eBay hobby

  • Become ID Verified

  • Set up a PayPal Business account

  • Write a simple business plan

  • Set up your photo area, backdrop, lights, tripod

  • Install basic photo editing software(Infranview)

  • Check your computer for software, operating system updates

  • Create a USPS account

  • Obtain a shipping scale, check eBay

  • Obtain shipping supplies, boxes, labels tape

  • Write a Return policy

  • Select items to sell

  • Research your items for description,completed listings(90 Day), and retail price

  • Create a keyword rich title (80 spaces)

  • Create a description for your item, information your buyer needs to make a buying decision. Tell them everything.

  • Use “Arial 14point” font

  • Use “Bullets” like this list

  • Align text left

  • Take “Selling” photos of the item

  • Decide on selling format…auction, buy it now, or buy it now or best offer

  • List the item

  • Review the listing on your “My eBay Page” for errors

  • Send the listing number to  for critique

  •  Have Fun!