Are You Thinking About Going to an Ecommerce Conference? Some Things to Think About From Kathy Terrill

Kathy Terrill is a Professional Actress who has weaved her skills to create a stunning role as a successful E commerce seller. She just returned from a recent Ebay conference and I asked her to share her insights on preparing for and networking during an eCommerce conference. Oh, and she is also going to be a new grandma!

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Black Friday Sales and Beyond in Online Ebay Stores A Great Place to Shop

Believe it or not Ebay Stores are a great place to shop for Black Friday. Click on some of the store links below and avoid the mad rush at the stores. Many of the sales are going beyond Black Friday and include Cyber-Monday,so enjoy the excitement!

I might be adding more links later so check back. Remember some of these sales are running beyond Black Friday.

Have fun!!