Congratulations Signing Up for Your First Month in the Baby Boomers Online Membership Site

You just made a wonderful first step to learning more about selling online with sites like Ebay, Etsy Amazon plus more.

How to Use This Site

Take a few minutes to look around. If you look to the right there is a sidebar that has comments made to this site by non-members as well as members to posts that were written.

You will also see past posts and past teleconferences. ONLY YOU A MEMBER, can see the history of teleconference recordings after clicking on the link.

So to get you started I have some pages I want you to start reading to get you started. Those links are listed at the end of this page. I will be adding more pages every month.

Below are some basic pages you might want to start reading.

Get started NOW!

Here is the email address you can use to contact me and set up your 30 minute coaching session by  Let me know your best days and time of day when you can be at a non-mobile computer.

All Teleconference calls are currently on Thursday nights 8:00-9:00

Call 605-475-4700

Pin # 317518

Don’t worry If you miss the calls a recording will be posted in this site.

Go and ask to join this Facebook Group called Baby Boomers Selling Online. You will be added with rapid fire acceptance. Just click this link.





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