Learn How To Sell Your Vinyl Online


Are you still looking at that box of vinyl records in your attic? Or, are you thinking about tossing those records you got from your parents? Before you make any decisions think about learning how to sell some of those vinyl records online. If you are in the Northern NJ area I am presenting a 2 hour intensive session in South Orange, NJ January, 19 2017

The investment is only $75.00 picture-for-show-me-how  Note that if your are a member of Baby Boomers Selling Online this class is FREE

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Are You Thinking About Going to an Ecommerce Conference? Some Things to Think About From Kathy Terrill

Kathy Terrill is a Professional Actress who has weaved her skills to create a stunning role as a successful E commerce seller. She just returned from a recent Ebay conference and I asked her to share her insights on preparing for and networking during an eCommerce conference. Oh, and she is also going to be a new grandma!

Also take a few minutes to visit her thriving store on Ebay-NYC Fitness Family and Finds

and like her Ebay Selling Tips Page  where you will be even more empowered.

Also if you have an Ebay Store be sure to join her informative and inspiring Facebook Group.  It is called eBay Stores nothing but eBay Stores

Be sure also to check out Ebay In Person Events near you!

Get Your Basic Selling Manual Here

Are you attending the upcoming Ebay Basic Class at the Irvington Public Library?

If yes and you want to purchase the book you can do it by clicking the link below.

The Cost of the Manual is only $25.oo and you can pay for it here and it will be given to you at the class. Click the link below you do not need to have Paypal to pay just a credit or debit card.

 I look forward to seeing you in class. If you want me to mail the book to you please let me know by emailing me rosiehorner(at)gmail.com

Did You Ever Say, “What Can I Ever Sell on Ebay?” Can It Be Bruised?


Many times I have heard someone say, “I have nothing to sell on Ebay.” Well, if those words have ever come out of your mouth check out Ebay’s Inspirational page of ideas.

Also, when you do decide to sell those items it is ok if they are not new. But just be sure to let your potential buyers know where the bruises are on those items. Many times we have sold items that no longer work. But we are careful to indicate the condition in the condition box, description and with a picture.

So, let me know what you find and have fun!


Basic Ebay Selling Course”Hands ON” 5 Sessions, Maplewood, NJ


There will be a Basic Ebay Selling Class divided into 5 Sessions in Maplewood, NJ starting Thursday, July 11 until August 8, 2011.

You are probably saying, “Why do you need all that time?” “What will you learn?”

Well those are great questions. So let me begin by telling you what you will learn.


With the Basics of Selling on eBay, you’ll learn how to:
•Become an eBay seller
•Do research and create listings
•Improve your listings with better descriptions and photography
•Set pricing
•Open and use a PayPal account
•Monitor your listings
•Complete transactions plus

  • Basics of packing and shipping items

  • Opportunity to go home, do homework and discuss your efforts the next class

  • Phone coaching with me when you need it during the course


What will you need?

Your Wi-Fi Ready Lap Top

A willingness to work hard and learn

What does all this cost?

CLICK THIS LINK Sign up today-class size is limited to 12 people

Have more questions?

email us  eboomersales(at)gmail.com