LaShonda Brown Shares Why She Sells on Etsy PLUS Some Golden Sales Nuggets

choc.covered strawberries from Sweet Treat Bar

A few days before Valentines day I was at the Post Office mailing out some packages that we had sold online. I happened to see two large shopping carts fulled to the brim with packages parked near the long line. I looked at the pleasant,relaxed woman next to the carts and asked, “Ebay”? She responded and said “Etsy and Ebay.”

What followed was an engaging and passionate conversation about the items she sold. Before I knew it, I heard  the postal clerk say “Next.” So, I asked La Shonda to say a few words about why she started selling on Etsy. I am pleased to say that she also gave some  additional nuggets for selling on Etsy.

Just click on the recording below and enjoy. Also, be sure to visit her Etsy Store, Sweet Treat Bar 

Ok, enough of me talking click on the link below and listen to LaShanda Brown