Use Your Ebay Fee Calculator Before You Set Your Price

The Ebay Fee Calculator is a great way to determine what your fees were based on the category, selling format and sale price. You can also estimate what your fees may be if you decide to sell an item.

Ok let’s give it a test run.

Suppose you sold a  vintage cook book in “Like New” condition.

1. You select the category BOOKS  then the sub-category.

2. Key in the selling format you used. For this example use Auction. And then key in the price the item sold for. In our example the start price was .99 and the selling price was $19.99.

Let’s say there were no listing upgrades. Since I have a Basic Store I indicate that under the store level. I am also a Top Rated Seller so I indicate YES.

I am shipping via Media Mail at 3.99. However, I have the option to ship using FREE shipping as well as other methods. I can also indicate my estimated or exact shipping price for International.

The fee calculator indicates the my insertion fee is 0 and final value fee is 1.80. It was 2.16 but I got a .36 discount because I am a Top Rated seller who loves that 20% discount.

Use your Fee Calculator to determine if you want to sell your item today!



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